martedì 13 novembre 2012

The Italian stereotypes

First impressions are not always the best. They are nevertheless sometimes the only judgment we may have on an individual or a person. 

For example when we think of Northen countries, there are some initial images that come into our minds. We imagine big mountains, small villages with an old woman wearing a shawll and snow all the time. That may sound a bit funny or strange, but it is what our mind conjures up. 

Where do these first images come from? In our contemporary societies, they often come from television, newspapers, books and adverts in the streets. 

The media is everywhere and this contributes on a large scale to build these prejudices we might have about individuals or about people. 

These prejudices are often based on false images.

What do you think about this?

Sara Berton 

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  1. getting a first impression of ssomething from a person or from the media really makes the difference.
    i remember when i came back to italy from a period spent in finland, everybody was asking me if all Finns eat chewing gum because of Vivident's commercial. they beleive there was some thruth in it. i was shocked. i had a hard time explaining everybody it was something made up by the media.
    instead, focusing on someone and being attracted by some features of him, whether they are or not rapresentative of his/her culture, is different. there may be certain aspects that can be attractive- such as an original hair colour.
    being conditionated by the media, unluckily, is something bad but it can not be avoided that easily- the only solution would be keeping distance from the media and making up our own ideas based only on what we got to know.
    but is this truly possible in all the situation? can stereotypes be avoided in the average?